ARTCy On A Mission

Our mission is to create a platform for engaging presentations of vocal art music and to champion new composers, words, artists and educational initiatives. We work to engage audiences that do not typically seek out live classical music performances, as well as those who do, in a new dialogue by melding high art music with socially relevant topics, formats and presentations.

The Art Song Repertory Theater Company (ARTCy) specializes in using art song as the medium for original theatrical productions. Our productions offer the full theater experience to our audiences, presenting pastiche works that weave a storyline through a song program. Lighting, staging, multimedia and costumes combine to push the boundaries of how art songs are performed, communicated and interpreted.

We believe there is something deeply magical when the artistry of great poets and great composers combine. The resulting works are cross-cultural, embody the experience of many different peoples and languages, and contain the universal seeds of communication. We strive to create new conversations about the human experience by curating programs that break through the societal barriers of race, class, age, and cultural identity.

We aim to be unafraid of continually stretching our own imaginations and boundaries in order to propel the world of art song forward.